You deserve a Standing Ovation!

We often take for granted all the wonderful things we accomplish during the day. Sometimes we just need a boost of support to get us through a tough time. You deserve to be acknowledged simply for being who you are! Don't worry about whether you've "earned" it. Just take it in! So give yourself, or someone you know, a Standing Ovation.

To experience a Standing Ovation for yourself, click here.

Someone you know deserves a Standing Ovation, too, and Playfair has made it easy for you to send one to them! Just fill out the form below to send a Standing Ovation to a colleague or friend!

Note: All fields are required to send the Standing Ovation.

Send a Standing Ovation to:

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The email they recieve will look like this:

You deserve a Standing Ovation! And you've been sent one by someone who knows it!

Your Standing Ovation is courtesy of , who thinks you deserve it because .

Please Note: Your message will appear only in the e-mail notification alerting the recipient to the Ovation awaiting. It will not appear on the Standing Ovation web page when s/he views it.

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