Why Have Fun At Work? | When to Consider Us | Facts

We are a perfect fit

...for corporations, associations, government groups, educators – any organizations – who are looking for really fun, interactive, informational and inspirational sessions that focus on some or all of:

  • Teamwork
  • Reward and recognition
  • Humor in the workplace
  • Creativity
  • Customer service
  • Employee retention
  • Living a healthier work life and personal life

Participants have an opportunity in a very safe and non-threatening way to bond together as a team. They learn tools to build a community at work based on trust, support and cooperation.

We are not just entertaining and funny (although we are entertaining and funny). We're proponents of "play with a purpose," offering take-home value with specific business applications.

Playfair has an outrageous money back guarantee for our keynote presentations: If we don't get a Standing Ovation at the end of the program, you don't have to pay our fee!!

Why Have Fun At Work?

Employers can better keep their most talented people by creating an exciting atmosphere where employees want to come to work. You can't expect your employees to give service with a smile unless they have something to smile about. And the intentional use of fun and play on the job is the best way to create an enthusiastic and committed workforce.

Happy and healthy employees are more creative, more productive, get along better with co-workers and have greater corporate loyalty and a healthier work/life balance.

An atmosphere of fun at work in any organization facilitates flexibility, change and better communication.

Particpants in our programs have reported feeling like they've been given a gift by management because they have so much fun while they're learning.

When to Consider Us

When you are looking for "something different" – a dynamic, fun-filled interactive keynote; an icebreaker; a creativity seminar; a work/life balance session; a stress management program.

Use us in any meeting where you need to energize people. We always set a positive tone and no one is picked on or made to look foolish.

We are perfect for a kickoff keynote or icebreaker, as an after lunch or mid-conference energizer, a banquet keynote, or as a high energy, send-them-home-with-a-bang closing session.

Playfair Facts

Since 1975 Playfair has an outstanding track-record and a long list of satisfied clients. One third of our business is repeat business.

We offer keynotes and break-out sessions as well as half-day and full-day seminars.

We will work with any size group – and we have. From 5 to 5,000

Though our senior staff and facilitators usually present alone, we have on many occasions co-presented in pairs and trios. One huge advantage to having so many talented presenters who can offer the same sessions is our ability to lead a series of simultaneous breakout sessions at one meeting under the same roof, or at different meetings occurring simultaneously across the country.

We work with senior and junior management and front line personnel; administrators and staff.


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